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Foundation services

Foundation members have exclusive access to services that help take their business to the next level. These services can be requested on an a la carte basis and are performed by a Blogist Social Media Expert.

  • Strategy callStrategy calls are a great opportunity for you to receive guidance around an area you are struggling with. If you are unsure how to grow your Instagram account, we can walk through strategies together. If you're struggling to build out storylines for brand partnerships, we've got you there. If you want to know best practices for getting more brand partnerships, we can work through that as well.Price: $100
  • Social media auditWe'll help you optimize your online business. Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest can be tough platforms to master. Our audit will give you suggestions about what to focus on in order to grow your account and best set yourself up for financial success.Price: $400
  • Media kitWe will build you a media kit for you to get the right kind of attention from brands. A media kit is a great document to have when pitching brands. As an added benefit, our media kits are designed to fit your personal brand and have data to highlight how impactful working with you will be!Price: $150
  • Pitch supportWe know that it can be difficult to write a pitch that you feel confident in sending over to a brand. This is why we offer pitch support to our customers. You will provide us with some basic info about yourself and your blog and we will create a personalized pitch that you can adjust based on the brand you are reaching out to. These pitches are top of the line and are proven to get strong response rates.Price: $30
  • Content and copyWriter's block happens! We'll provide suggestions for content and captions that resonate with your audience.Price: $30

Advisory services

Advisory members work with a dedicated management team to build bigger and better partnerships with brands, grow their audience, and take their influencer business to the next level. The Advisory plan includes a committed budget to be used on your terms each month.

Group chat
  • Strategy callsSpeak regularly with your management team. Set goals and strategize on next steps to lock in brand partnerships and grow your business.
  • Brand correspondenceWe'll negotiate with brands and cover things like usage terms and exclusivity so you can focus on content. Your team will help you get the value your content deserves.
  • PricingYour management team is led by a Blogist Senior Talent Manager, who will focus on the strategic side of your business, finding new opportunities to collaborate, and growing your existing partnerships.
  • A Blogist Talent Manager will support on the execution side: finding brand contacts, writing email pitches, and providing recap reports to show brands the value of your collaborations.
  • The monthly budget included in your plan is allocated toward work by your management team. Senior Talent Manager rate is $90/hour, Talent Manager rate is $60/hour. Your budget of $270 renews each month. Once the budget is used, Additional Time may be purchased to continue doing great work.


Your Blogist membership gives you access to our prefered network of partners. Do you need a PR specialist, a graphic designer or CRM specialist? We've got you covered. Blogist has a network of experts ready to work with you at a prefered rate. Just ask one of our team members and we will send an introduction!

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Foundation services as an Advisory member?

Yes! Your Blogist management team can provide all services that are available to Foundation members. Your monthly budget can be applied to cover these services.

Is my Advisory management team like an agent?

Not exactly — while a traditional agency focuses primarily on pitching brands, your Advisory management team will make recommendations based on experience and best practices to help with your overall business strategy and can support on the execution side to take your business to the next level.

Where can I learn more about the Foundation plan?

We have a document that explains all the ins and outs of the Foundation plan here:View Foundation

Why does the Advisory plan have a base monthly cost when most agencies have a commission-based fee?

It makes sense for an agency to collect a commission as its role is to pitch you to brands. Your Advisory management team focuses more on the strategic side of growing your business in a way that often isn't tied directly to revenue from brand collaborations. A major component of the Advisory plan involves collaborating with your management team to strategize on growing your business and finding bigger and better ways to monetize your personal brand.

Where can I learn even more about the Advisory plan?

We explain every detail of the Advisory plan here:View Advisory

Why is my monthly Advisory budget $270 when the plan is $299 per month?

The Advisory plan costs $299 each month and includes a committed budget of $270 for working with your management team. The remaining $29 goes toward general access to the platform and tools like the Calendar, Projects, Classroom and Facebook Community.

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