Product Documentation

How to Sign Up for Blogist

Influencers can sign up for access to the Blogist product and services at Signing up and creating an account with Blogist is free, but some Blogist services and features require payment.

First, navigate to and fill out the sign up form to create an account with Blogist. When you sign up, we'll create your influencer profile. This profile can be used to highlight your activity as an influencer when working with brands.

After signing up, edit your profile to better reflect who you are as an influencer. Upload a profile picture and most importantly, connect your social media channels. Connecting your social media channels does not give Blogist any control over your accounts: we use it to verify that you own your social media accounts. This prevents someone else from fraudulently claiming to be you.

How to Purchase a Plan with Blogist

In order to unlock some of Blogist's most powerful features, you'll first have to purchase a plan. This will allow you to schedule strategy calls, access brand social media contact information, get help with pitching brands and view analytics to better understand the interests of your following.

After signing up with Blogist, navigate to the account settings page. This page can be reached by clicking the "Settings" link on the left side of the Blogist product. From here, you'll be able to purchase a new plan, upgrade or downgrade your current plan, or cancel an existing plan. Choose the plan that best fits your needs, enter your credit card information, read and accept the Blogist privacy policy, and click the Purchase button. Blogist works with a third party payment provider (Stripe) to handle credit card information. Blogist never has direct access to your credit card information at any time.

Your card will be charged for the cost of the plan once the payment is submitted. The card will be charged automatically every month until the plan is canceled. Any additional services provided will be included in the statement for the next month.

Payment panel within Blogist product before purchasing a plan

Once the payment is submitted, the Billing panel will show the name of the plan that you signed up for, the start and end dates of your current billing period, and how many calls and service hours are remaining in the current billing period that are included in the plan. Blogist will provide additional service beyond what is included in the plan at a rate of $50 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments).

Payment panel within Blogist product after purchasing a plan

To see additional usage details, click the "View Usage" link. This will open a view that lists all of the services provided by Blogist within the current billing period. A green check icon indicates that the service is covered completely by your plan. A yellow check icon is used to show that the service was covered partially by your plan. For example, if your plan includes 30 minutes of service time and Blogist provides an hour of services during a billing period, the first 30 minutes of the service will be covered by the plan, but the remaining 30 minutes of the service will be billed as an additional $25 of work at a rate of $50 per hour.

Itemized services provided within Blogist product

Working with Your Consultant

In order to most effectively serve your needs, Blogist requires that any type of service request be made using the Task Submission tool. This tool will give you easy access to your social media consultant.

To make a request, fill out the type of work you're looking for and a description of the work. Be sure the description is as complete as possible: this information is used to streamline the process of getting work done for you. Blogist aims to complete your work as quickly as possible. Your social media consultant should reach out to you via email within two business days of when your task is created. In cases that are time sensitive, check the box at the bottom of the form to indicate that the request is urgent. Blogist will make additional effort to prioritize urgent tasks. There is a limit of one urgent request every seven days.

Form to submit task requests to your social media consultant.

All paid plans include some amount of task support. Review your monthly usage to determine if each task is covered by your plan.