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Getting Started3/23/2020

What are Blogist plans?

Subscribing to a plan is required to access some powerful Blogist features, including the Classroom, Calendar, Projects and Services. Plans are billed at a flat rate each month on the day of the month that it was purchased. Additional services can be purchased on top of a plan. Costs for additional services will be added to the next invoice.

How to purchase a plan

  1. Before purchasing a plan, it’s important to first sign up for Blogist
  2. Once you have a Blogist influencer account, visit the Billing Page or Settings Page
  3. In the Billing Panel, choose the plan that best fits your needs as an influencer (learn more about our plans)
  4. After selecting a plan, the panel will show a billing form:

    1. Confirm the plan you’d like to purchase
    2. Enter your credit card details including credit card number, CVC code, Zipcode, and Expiration date
    3. If you were referred by another Blogist client, enter the referral code for a discount off the first month of your plan
    4. Be sure to read and agree to the Blogist Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
    5. Click the Purchase button to complete the signup — If the purchase button is disabled, ensure the credit card information was entered accurately and that you have checked the box indicating that you agree to the Blogist Terms and Privacy Policy
    6. Congratulations! You are now able to work with Blogist on a new level!

What happens when changing plans?

When switching from one plan to another, the Blogist billing system will prorate the cost of the new plan based on how far into the current billing cycle you are at the time of the switch. The billing cycle is one month long and is determined based on the day of the month when the original plan was purchased.

The proration means that you’ll receive a credit for any unused time in on your previous plan in the current billing cycle and will be charged for the new plan only for the time remaining in the billing cycle. Your credit card will not be charged at the time of the switch, instead the proration will be applied to your next invoice. You’ll be able to start working with your new plan as soon as you make the switch.

What happens when cancelling a plan?

When you cancel your Blogist plan, we will end your subscription at the end of your current billing cycle. You’ll be able to continue to access and use the parts of the product and services that your plan covers until your billing cycle ends. If you have purchased any additional services during the final billing cycle, a final invoice will be sent for the additional services, but will not include a charge for the monthly cost of your plan.

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