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Getting Started3/13/2020

What is an influencer profile?

Influencer profiles are a great way to express who you are as an influencer. Filling out your profile helps you think about who you are as an influencer and how you’d like brands to see you. If you work with Blogist for social media support or management, we’ll use your profile to better understand your goals and how you portray your personal brand.

After logging in to the Blogist platform, you’ll be able to view your influencer profile.

What to include in your profile

  1. Connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts — this helps us better convey who you are as an influencer directly in your profile and can allow us to provide an in-depth analysis of your audience

    • When connecting Instagram it’s important to approve access to the Facebook page associated to your Instagram for Creators or Instagram for Business account. If this access isn’t approved, we won’t be able to include your Instagram content and analysis in your profile. If you’re having trouble connecting your account, check out our tips on connecting and troubleshooting your Instagram account.
    • Blogist will never make any changes to your account. We only view general stats about your audience and content.
  2. Check to make sure your name and email address are correct — we’ll use this email address if we need to contact you for any reason
  3. Fill out the niche that best describes the content you share with your audience
  4. Provide your city, state, and country — this can be used to help find more local brand partnerships
  5. Enter a short description of your personal brand. Be sure to include some brief biographical information, your goals, your approach to sharing content, and any information you might have about your audience and how you engage with your followers.

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