Work with Foundation consultants


Foundation services can be used to give your influencer business an extra boost. Services are available on an a la carte basis and can be purchased and requested as desired from within the Services dashboard of the Blogist platform.

When you request a service, be sure to include any context or requirements that you think will help us provide the best support possible. We may reach out to you via email with any follow-up questions. We typically complete requests within two business days of their submission.

These services are also available to Advisory clients, but are provided by your Blogist Management Team as part of the Advisory plan workflow.

Services offered

Blogist aims to help influencers at every stage and offers an array of services to cover the most common opportunities to make improvements to an influencer’s business.

Strategy call

Strategy calls are a great opportunity for you to receive guidance around an area you are struggling with. If you are unsure how to grow your Instagram account, we can walk through strategies together. If you’re struggling to build out storylines for brand partnerships, we’ve got you there. If you want to know best practices for getting more brand partnerships, we can work through that as well.

After requesting a strategy call, a Blogist social media consultant will reach out to you to set up a time.

Social media audit

We’ll help you optimize your online business.Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest can be tough platforms to master. Our audit will give you suggestions about what to focus on in order to grow your account and best set yourself up for financial success.

Media kit

We will build you a media kit for you to get the right kind of attention from brands. A media kit is a great document to have when pitching brands. As an added benefit, our media kits are designed to fit your personal brand and have data to highlight how impactful working with you will be!

Pitch support

We know that it can be difficult to write a pitch that you feel confident in sending over to a brand. This is why we offer pitch support to our customers. You will provide us with some basic info about yourself and your blog and we will create a personalized pitch that you can adjust based on the brand you are reaching out to. These pitches are top of the line and are proven to get strong response rates.

Content and copy support

Writer’s block happens! We’ll provide suggestions for content and captions that resonate with your audience.

Buying services

Services are purchased upfront before they can be requested. To purchase a service, click the “Add Services” button, or the “Request Services” button. When clicking the “Request Services” button, if you don’t have a service available that you’d like to request, you’ll be prompted to purchase the service before making the request. When you buy a service, the cost of the service will be added as a one-time cost to your next monthly invoice.

Any services that you’ve purchased, but haven’t used yet will be shown in your Services panel. Foundation services can be used at any time, even in a future billing cycle.

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