YouTube Shorts: Tips for Brands and Influencers


More than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. With the rise of YouTube Shorts, YouTube is now a viable space for short and long form video content.

While YouTube Shorts has been in the US since March, it’s now gone global. The YouTube Shorts beta feature is expanding to more than 100 countries.

“We are deeply committed to supporting the next generation of mobile creators with Shorts, and are actively working on what monetization options will look like in the future,” YouTube said when announcing the global rollout of Shorts.

YouTube announced the YouTube Shorts Fund in May, promising to distribute $100 million to creators of the most-engaging short clips. YouTube is expected to distribute funds in the fall of 2021 and continue into 2022.

How can influencers use YouTube Shorts?

With Instagram announcing its shift to video content and TikTok expanding its video limit to three minutes, there is a clear takeaway in the digital marketing ecosystem- video is king.

Transitioning to video content is the best way to stay competitive in a saturated pool of influencers, and this pivot doesn’t have to be daunting or time-consuming. Make sure you are creating short form videos that can be repurposed across multiple platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

How can brands use YouTube Shorts?

Short form video content offers a huge advantage to digital marketers: short form video content is popular, but still new enough to be less saturated.

Taking advantage of short form video content using influencers is a way to get ahead of the pack now.

Most companies in the US are already expected to use influencer marketing in 2021- so influencer marketing is now a necessity. Capitalizing on new features is a way to innovate within the current influencer marketing ecosystem.

Is short form video the future of content marketing?

It’s clear that social media platforms are prioritizing video content for a reason. Branded video content is today’s modern advertising but without the negative connotation. More and more consumers are interested in authentic content that provides value.

Video content from a consumer’s favorite influencer creates a relationship and educates the viewer, providing incredibly valuable exposure for brands.

How can I use short form video as a brand or influencer?

It might seem daunting to start using a feature like YouTube Shorts that is so new. With the backing of their Shorts fund and the top social media platforms vying for short form video dominance, getting a personalized, comprehensive strategy in place is key.

Are you an influencer looking for guidance on creating and optimizing short form content? Check out our influencer education tools.

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