YouTube’s Website for Creator Education Just Received a Major Update


With the rise of video content, social media platforms are vying to dominate the digital space. Facebook has dedicated $1 billion to its creator fund through 2022. Snapchat offers bonuses for meeting target metrics with their Spotlight feature and TikTok has embraced e-commerce enhancements. Social media companies are on the move to create new features for influencers- and accessibility is critical to getting creators involved.

YouTube revamped and relaunched its YouTube for Creators website. The website divides common FAQs into easy to digest categories. The categories expand upon specific features like YouTube shorts, policies, monetization options and more.

To make it easier to find information, YouTube divided its new updated creator site into three sections.The “Welcome Creators” section summarizes YouTube policies and tips for new creators. YouTube also includes more detailed explanations of each component of the channel-building process. Each section features links to relevant guides and explainers.

YouTube is working to increase creators’ income through their content. This is an important focus of the new site, as TikTok and Instagram have implemented new monetization features to incentivize creators. YouTube’s funding program for YouTube Shorts will pay out up to $10k per month to each individual Shorts influencer.

A great deal of the site’s focus is on monetization options. The enhanced monetization features are meant to compel creators to choose YouTube over TikTok… and bring their large audiences along with them.

TikTok is working to address this by adding even more e-commerce tools and brand partnership options.

For influencers looking to diversify their video content, YouTube’s Creator site is now a holistic resource.

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