Why You Shouldn't Do Loop Giveaways


Instagram loop giveaways have been used as an easy ticket to more followers. However, if something is that easy then there’s got to be a catch– and there is. Here’s why you should never participate in Instagram loop giveaways.

You aren’t increasing your organic follower count. Most times Instagram loop giveaways require that you follow a list of accounts, and the people are only following your account because they want to win something, not because they like the heart and soul of your business. As a result, this only lowers your engagement rate, because these new followers won’t interact with your content. **If you’re looking to increase your Instagram followers in an organic way then head to this blog post.

Loop giveaways are technically illegal. Influencers rarely include the terms and conditions of the giveaway which does not comply with Instagram’s promotional guidelines. If you plan to do your own, individual giveaway here’s what you should include to comply.

Beware of the many resources that encourage loop giveaways. With a quick google search you will find many blogs and sources urging you to take part in loop giveaways. Remember that they ultimately dilute your brand by affecting your engagement rate.

Also, most of your followers can see through this tactic. Instagram users have picked up on how unethical they are because oftentimes influencers delete the posts associated with the giveaway once it’s closed. You don’t want to be that person.

If you’re curious about how to play Instagram’s long term game and grow organically be sure to send an email to hello@blogist.co. We’re here to help!

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