Why You Should Make More Evergreen Content


Let’s increase the return on investment when it comes to content creation. We are all aware by now that producing great content takes a lot of time and effort. The actual lifetime of your content can be fleeting at times, especially if it’s niche or trendy. We’re here to make sure you’re working smarter not harder so here’s why you should make more evergreen content.

First, what is evergreen content?

Evergreen content refers to blog posts, videos, or any other content that has relevancy beyond your post date. You may think that this is all of your content… but think how-to’s, travel guides, tutorials, and podcasts. All of these can be referenced more than once and works as a resource to your audience.

Why create evergreen blog content?

Instagram highlights and YouTube videos come to mind when we think of evergreen content but do not sleep on your blog posts. Blog posts are the single best way to increase your SEO… Especially when you occasionally update the post. Think holiday posts or seasonal outfit ideas. If you’re adding new links, pictures, and insight to your original post Google is going to recognize your post as a resource rather than an opinion piece.

How to pull your own evergreen content.

Chances are, if you’ve been a content creator for awhile now you have some existing content that you can rework. In this post we talk about seasonal content strategy and at the forefront is evergreen content. Think of your annual apple picking trip you take with your family during the fall months. If you have past pictures, recommendations, outfit inspo and more you already have a blog post built out for this upcoming season.

Let’s talk sales.

Rewardstyle links and other affiliate links can earn you some serious commission when you have people clicking on your post all year round. Amazon round ups are something that can always be updated and pushed to your audience. Remember that you want to be able to make your blog and website shoppable. Evergreen content trains your audience over and over again to come to your post which will boost your sales.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, reference this post. We encourage you to take an inventory of your content and look for the potential opportunities for evergreen content. If you need some help, we’re always here to do an audit and talk strategy with our advisory plan!

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