Why You Should Always Have Goals to Back Your Holiday Content


When it comes to holiday planning, you should always have some goals in mind. When thinking at a higher level about what your audience should get out of your content, connection should be top of mind. During this time, connect with your community and find ways to activate jobs with past partners. Also, on the flip side, seek out gifted products as a way to start engaging with new partners.  From that you can use your sales data to pitch the brands for Q1 content.

Here are the three main goals that we recommend keeping in mind when it comes to activating for holiday.

Main Goal: Connect with your community, and build holiday gift guides focused on “purpose” so that you can make money through affiliate marketing. Launching gift guides weekly can be a great way to engage your followers. We talk more about gift guide strategy in our holiday content knowledge share deck that is available to those who sign up with Blogist today. You can do that here!

Second Goal: Share holiday stories with past brand partners as a way to close out the year with a bang, position your pitches as the more you talk about a brand partner, the greater the return.

Third Goal: Get gifted products from brands you really want to work with as a way to start building relationships with them organically. We talk about brand flirting in our Holiday Content Planning Overview here and in what ways to leverage this tactic during the holiday season.

Although this is just a high level goal setting overview, be sure to check out our other resources at this time to gain a holistic understanding of how you should attack the holiday season. Earlier in the week we discussed usage and licensing in this post to better educate the influencer community about receiving their worth from brands. Be sure to check out that post before the big holiday season to guarantee you’re making the most cash for your online business during this time.

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