Why Understanding Your Following is so Important


The Impact of Your Audience

Without your audience your online business would not be what it is today. Top instagram accounts have almost an innate understanding of their following. They know that their community only has the power to increase their engagement rate. When we take key learnings from the top instagram influencers we find that their engagement rate is high because they are creating content based off of their audiences preference. With this, top instagram accounts are able to increase their conversion rate because they are creating posts with items that their followers love to buy.

Let’s Talk Demographics

Data is great for making informed decisions. You need to use your demographics. At Blogist we give clear segmentation of your audience and their interests. These types of statistics will allow you to come up with content strategy and increase your followers on instagram by defining what your online business is all about. Essentially, growing your instagram followers means providing for your current audience. In this example you can see that the tech review influencer has a following that is interested in photography. With this information the influencer can create authentic content about cameras or other equipment to serve this interest. With this, understanding where your followers come from can influence post times and other considerations when creating content.

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*Sample screenshot of Blogist’s back end demographic data dashboard.**

Content Polling

Our third party data system can equip you with many data points that basic instagram analytics won’t give you. However, we want to encourage you to poll your followers. There’s nothing like hearing from your own audience on what they want to see more of. After all, your business is only as impactful as your audience. Do a poll on IG stories and what your audience would like to see more of. Actively engaging them in this way will help with pitching. The data that your followers give you will also help you better validate the rates that you charge brands. It outlines the fact that your community has specifically asked for a certain type of content.

You don’t need to be fluent in all things data, but presenting your engagement rates and what brands your followers are inclined to buy from can be a way for you to land more brand partnerships. To learn more about how to secure more work from brands be sure to read this recent blog post. Most fundamentally, your followers follow you because they are interested in the same things you are, or at least with what you publish on Instagram. Be sure to be your most authentic self, but show your care and attention to detail by fully understanding the varying interests that your audience has.

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