Why Purpose is the Secret to Success; Featuring Meg Boggs


Do you ever find yourself wondering how to get more followers on Instagram. Growth is on our mind as well and that’s why we are going to do a deep dive on our client, Meg Boggs’, growth and what makes her so successful. Purpose is the secret to success for Meg, so look at the two main takeaways that everyone should learn from Meg and add to their business!

Main Takeaway #1: Understand The Purpose Behind Your Community

Meg took to blogging and Instagram after she had her little one and began having real conversations about her postpartum body on the internet. At the center of many of Meg’s messages is this organic experience she had that led her to create content about self-love and wellness. Her journey has inspired and supported many. Through sharing these stories and creating trust with her audience, Meg only resonates with brands and companies that truly embody her ethos.

The main takeaway? What sets certain Instagram influencers apart from others is an identification of an ethos that always supports your community.

We wanted to get another perspective on why Meg’s platform is so successful, so we sat down with Meg’s Senior Talent Manager, Angela Hauk. Here’s what she had to say:

AH: “I think Meg’s business is so impactful because her heart is at the center of everything she does. If a brand’s values and ethos do not align with Meg’s, and whether that is apparent in the beginning or even after a campaign has begun (perhaps Meg starts hearing from her followers that the brand has been treating others unfairly), her conviction to excellence will undoubtedly outweigh any kind of paid aspect to a partnership. She’s more concerned about sharing products that actually help her personally and will support the needs of her followers, than she is about any monetary value. Her genuine care and empathy, paired with her incredible attention to detail is what really sets her apart.”

Main Takeaway #2: Support your Community

Meg focuses on her community first and foremost, and with that, each of her posts have purpose. Think of graphic content meant to be reposted to your stories to share sentiment or an in feed post focused on engaging your audience. Meg has figured out the white space that exists on the internet and created authentic, meaningful content to fill it. For Instagram influencers, it’s important to find your niche. For Meg, her content is centered around wellness, fitness, motherhood, self-love, marriage and style. All of these feed into each other as Meg has used fitness to fuel the conversation of self-love.

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The next main takeaway here? Think about what you can provide for your community. Meg is the resource her community looks to for inspiration and advice.

That’s why we are so excited to Pre-order Meg’s book Fitness for Every Body. This is a perfect example of providing your community with a real, tangible resource that they can reference and enjoy.

screen shot 2020 10 05 at 9 11 53 pm

Once you identify your niche and jump wholeheartedly into creating meaningful content surrounding it, Instagram growth will naturally happen. Meg’s a perfect example of this, she’s grown over 45% in under a year as a result of these best practices.

Purpose-driven content is almost that much easier to create because it’s something you’re truly passionate about. Using Meg as a case study, look at your own content and consider what resources you are providing your community. As an Instagram influencer you have a duty to your community. They ultimately help you grow, but more importantly learn. Learn more about how to authentically grow like Meg by checking out this blog post.

To see if Instagram is the right platform for you to share your message be sure to check out this blog post about what the influencer world is really like.

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