Who’s winning social, TikTok or IG Reels?


Short-form video content has taken over all of our social media platforms. But, who is winning at it, and which platform is best for your business? We’re going to dive into the ins and outs of TikTok versus IG Reels this week.


TikTok was all there for us over quarantine. The virality of the platform always kept us scrolling. However, brands are still figuring out how to execute brand partnerships on the app. TikTok has been responsible for growing instagram followers for people that have gone viral. Many viewers hop off the TikTok app and search on IG to engage with more content. As more of an entertainment platform we did our research and found nine ways to increase your chances of going viral on TikTok. Be sure to check the post out to learn more.

IG Reels

Although IG Reels was only introduced a month ago, it has been a great addition to the IG content family. We wrote a whole guide for you to help digest IG Reels. Now we want to put it to the test against TikTok to see which one is best for your online business. IG Reels has a permanent place on your profile. Instead of operating between TikTok and IG you can now bucket all of your content on one app. This creates a more dynamic version of your in feed posts.

IG Reels is Reaching More People

Our Pro Tip is that your IG Reels content is getting pushed to the explore page, thus, more people are seeing it. Because IG Reels is constantly pushing content to the explore page, Reels can act as an authentic instagram growth service for your personal brand.

IG Reels Content Recommendations

As always, stay on brand with the content you already produce. TikTok only makes it harder to stay on brand with various dances and challenges so let your authenticity show on Reels. It will lead to more brand partnerships and grow your instagram followers if you get pushed to the explore page. We recommend that content such as cooking and try on hauls be shot in a quick form and edited together since your time limit is 15 seconds. Here are some content examples from our clients. If you want to upload longer, TikTok content upload to Reels directly from TikTok.

To us, IG Reels is the shining star in this match up. IG Reels can act as another tactical approach to your online business all while encouraging growth and challenging you creatively. Think of IG reels as another gateway to brand partnerships by displaying your content there too. Again, be sure to check out the IG Reels guide if you want to get started on more short-form video content creation.

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