What is Clubhouse and How it Can Work for Your Business


Oftentimes new social media apps are overlooked for good reasons. It’s hard to recreate the wheel and we feel at home with apps like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

However, Clubhouse is a new social media app that builds on the idea that forming meaningful connections online is something that we as people crave!

So what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite only app available for iOS users. You can also sign up and be added to the waitlist. (It’s almost like the app knows this is the only club we’ll be able to get into these days…). You can also ask any friend you have who already uses the app to invite you.  As an audio only form, Clubhouse invites speakers and listeners into scheduled chats to talk about anything.

Chat moderators are able to take questions from the audience and ultimately steer the conversation. Unlike Zoom or Instagram Live, Clubhouse keeps it simple without including video or major chat features. By taking out all of the production this leads to a more human experience when it comes to creating meaningful conversations. Simply opening the app allows you to jump into current conversations.

An example of the Clubhouse dashboard.

Why Should You Use Clubhouse?

There’s a low production strain when it comes to ‘creating’ content for Clubhouse. This is an app meant for people who want to network, learn and build out their community. Planning a room and topic with other moderators is the largest lift and then advertising your Clubhouse chat on Instagram via a story will ensure you have a decent amount of listeners. Take it from our client, Karen Clay-Fenderson, who has used Clubhouse rooms to connect with other moderators and discuss casting and working in the showbiz arena. She’s added over 5,000 followers over on her Instagram from these consistent and meaningful conversations.

If you consider yourself a content creator, influencer or even thought leader at a brand we encourage you to get on the app. Not just in the interest of growth but because Clubhouse has provided a space where you can schedule out intentional learning. Here’s a snapshot of groups you can join to get the scoop on any of your own interests.

Example of clubs you can join

You can then navigate to your calendar of chats that you can join throughout the day and week and add them directly to your Google or Apple Calendar by using the bell icon.

With the informal nature of the platform you only have to worry about a profile photo and bio when it comes to creating your profile. In terms of providing value as a moderator or listener, just be yourself and ask questions! If you want any more information on starting out on this new platform send us an email at hello@blogist.co!

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