What Instagram Analytics Brands Actually Care About


Key Instagram Insights

This week we are here to break down some key Instagram insights. Instagram analytics as they pertain to your business are extremely important when it comes to making decisions on content creation and pitching. The three analytics we are going to be discussing today are engagement, reach and impressions.

Engagement measures how well your brand is connecting with your following. Engagement is defined by likes, comments and shares or how many people are authentically engaged in the content you’re producing.

Reach is how many unique users saw your instagram post. Increasing reach increases overall brand awareness.

Impressions are the number of times your content has been seen. Typically if your impressions are higher than your reach that means that more people are going back and interacting with your content. Higher impressions can be an indicator of evergreen content, a topic we covered last week.

What Brands Should Care About

Now that we have those key Instagram analytics defined we can dive into what brands should care about. Brands choose influencers who have high engagement rates. When looking at how engagement rates are calculated (See Figure 1) we note that as follower count increases, engagement rates decrease. This is why more brands should be using micro influencers. Micro influencers have a more personal touch and when looking for influencers to bring brand partnerships to life it is imperative to select an influencer that interacts authentically with their following. Because micro influencers are still building their brand they are typically quicker to respond to direct messages about products and services they are promoting. Along with this, micro influencers are cheaper to hire than their mega influencer counterparts. Although micro influencers are cheaper to hire it does not mean that brands should undervalue them. Micro influencers have higher engagement rates and therefore they will help your brand convert more of your target market. To learn more about how to increase your engagement check out this recent blog post.

Figure 1

engagement rate

Use an Iterative Approach

Whether you are a brand or influencer it is important to approach these instagram insights with an iterative approach. When it comes to employing these types of metrics to make decisions about partnerships or what type of content you produce, test it and evaluate. As long as you are always looking for improvement you will see that results in the numbers eventually. To learn more about utilizing instagram analytics check out this blog post about using Instagram analytics to land more brand partnerships. With that, check out this post on how to actually pitch to brands using key instagram analytics.

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