Tips for Working With Influencers


It’s no secret that influencer marketing is taking the world by storm. We’ve shared that 2022 is the year of the microinfluencer and for many brands, this has become the best and most efficient way to meet their ideal audience. When approached with a strategy and clear goal, 80% of marketers say influencer marketing is effective. If you’re actively using influencers or you’re gearing up for your first campaign, here are tips for working with influencers that will make your campaign flow smoothly.

Tips for Working with Influencers 

Pay on time and quickly if you can

Influencers swap horror stories about brands who take ages to pay or even worse, ghost and never pay. We know it’s not always easy to control, but going above and beyond to communicate when payment will come and making sure it comes on time is huge. Bonus: pay earlier than expected.

Have a list of deliverables, campaign goals, hashtags and tags

Set the influencers you’re working with up for success by giving them a one pager with everything they’ll need for the campaign, including brand handles, campaign hashtags, the goals to keep in mind, photo requirements and more. This makes it easy for them when they’re both shooting and writing the content.

Let them be creative

Think about it this way. If you chose this certain influencer, you probably selected them because you love their content. Don’t forget they know their audience best and what type of content will resonate with them. Let them suggest ideas for the assets and give creative direction. This might mean letting go of a certain idea of what you wanted, but you might ultimately end up happier with the results if you let them guide the vision.

Give them a window for posting

It’s important to remember that influencers are juggling multiple sponsored posts at a time. Rather than giving them one day to post, give them a window to post between, which allows them more flexibility in their schedule.

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