TikTok's Creative Partnerships: How Canva and Vimeo Integration Affects Marketers, Influencers


TikTok’s Canva and Vimeo integrations are game-changers for marketers and creators.

TikTok has announced new partnerships with both Vimeo and Canva to provide more ways for influencers to create and design even more innovative content that transfers seamlessly into TikTok.

These integrations allow for direct connection between TikTok Ad Manager (and each platform) making it easier to create TikTok content and upload it into marketers’ campaigns. These options are also a way for influencers to enhance their creative vision when collaborating with brands.

These creative options align with TikTok’s key dimensions and creative flows. This will ensure that clips feel natural, in tune with the rest of TikTok, and reflective of today’s advertising. (Genuine endorsements of a product as opposed to a “hard sell”.) This is a great way for brands and TikTokers alike to create content that feels artistic and authentic

For Vimeo, TikTok advertisers will now be able to build their TikTok ads within Vimeo Create, its subscription video builder tool, which will provide more ways to customize and construct your TikTok clips.

Vimeo launched Vimeo Create in February last year as a means to provide simplified video creation options, specifically tailored to SMBs and those working on a tight budget. It offers simple-to-use tools to make more outstanding video content.

Vimeo Create is also integrated with Pinterest’s ad creation process, providing direct upload for Pinterest creative via the app.

On Canva, TikTok has worked with the visual creation platform to provide more than 50 TikTok ad templates, helping to reduce the time and cost associated with building campaigns. Canva is easy to use for those who are already familiar. However, new users alike will find it intuitive and simple to use within their process.

Both Vimeo and Canva will also now become official TikTok Marketing Partners, adding to its roster of tools able to provide specific platform expertise and insights, giving creators and marketers more ways to maximize on-platform creative efforts.

As TikTok grows, marketers are looking for new ways to maximize the potential of the platform to promote their products and influencers are looking for innovative ways to collaborate on brand campaigns. TikTok is still the most downloaded platform, surpassing Instagram and Facebook, and it is on track for reaching a billion users by the end of the year.

TikTok and short form video have clearly become a priority for brands, influencers and social media platforms. New features and formats are released regularly by platforms to lure in marketers and influencers alike. These new integrations offer a unique opportunity for both creators and marketers to enhance their ad campaigns.

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