Three Ways to Quickly Grow on Instagram


One of the #1 search queries on Google is, “How Do I Gain Followers on Instagram?” and it’s no surprise why. With over one billion users, and with people spending over 1-2 hours on the app per day, many people (most likely you if you are reading this article) have been able to find ways to make money from their Instagram account! That said, if you are an Instagram Influencer one of the biggest things that many people experience throughout their journey building their business, is hitting a wall when it comes to your Instagram growth.

While using the right hashtags is critical, we’re heard from many Influencers, that sometimes you feel like you’ve tried everything and really nothing works. While we are the first to say, it doesn’t matter how large or small your following is, it is known that the more followers you have on Instagram, the more money you will make if you are an Instagram influencer. (Here’s a guide to how to price your Instagram content)

That said, as we shared in this episode of our podcast, it’s critical that you don’t buy followers as a way to gain followers on Instagram fast, and you focus on building a community of real Instagram followers. If you’ve bought followers, you’ve completely muddled the message of your brand, your engagement will be off and it will be much harder to land brand deals.

So how do you gain followers on Instagram as a brand or influencer organically?

The #1 thing we tell people to ask themselves is how do you learn about new influencers to follow on Instagram? 99% of the time the answer is “well I learned about them from someone I follow!”

Therein lies our #1 recommendation: Collaborate with other brands and creators, and have them talk about you!

As you’ll see in this post, Ruthie Ridley, teamed up with Caralyn Mirand, and other like minded influencers, to do a try-on haul with their favorite Spanx! Each influencer told their audience to follow the other four influencers in the collaboration as a way to organically grow.

Ruthie Ridley

The #1 recommendation we have if you are looking to grow on Instagram fast, is to make sure you include a CTA (call to action) to encourage your community to follow the other influencers you partner with on Instagram. If you don’t tell them to, they are less likely to follow the other Instagram Influencers, and your audience won’t grow as quickly.

Another idea for doing a cross collaborational partnership with other influencers is by doing a dynamic video like this one Meg Boggs did, with other Instagram influencers. They all used different workout items, and the video came out so nicely!

Meg Boggs

The #2 recommendation we have for those looking to gain Instagram followers fast as an artist, influencer, brand or creator is creating shareable content.

Create images that your community will want to share on their feeds or in their Instagram Stories. If their followers like it, they will come to your account, click around, and then follow you! Be sure to put your handle or logo on the image so people know the image comes from you, and if they like the post, they know where to find you! This image from Meg Boggs is the perfect example.

Meg Boggs

And our last recommendation is to make sure you cross promote your content on other channels if you are an Instagram influencer looking to gain followers on Instagram fast.

Post your Instagram images to Pinterest, Facebook and make sure your email audience knows that you posted a new photo. There is a good chance that they may not follow you on Instagram, so make sure your followers on your other social media platforms know to follow you there!

Last, have you tried all of these steps and nothing has worked? Sign up for our Foundation plan and get a custom one-on-one session with one of our social media experts, who can help grow your Instagram account!

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