The Power of Community


The first thing that we recommend that you have in your influencer toolkit is some affiliation with a Facebook group. We talked about other tools that you can have in this blog post but by far, a Facebook group signifies community and resource for both influencers and their audience.

One Instagram tip we often give out is to break out to other platforms where you can spread content that directly pushes your community back to your Instagram (and vise versa). This type of tactic helps with Instagram growth and ensures that you are well connected to your community.  Here’s how to get started with a Facebook group.

**It’s all about your community and making them SHINE. **

Include three to five moderators in the group to serve as exceptional community members. Here’s what we mean.

  • One person should be there to welcome all new community members to the group. This would be done by posting in the group each week, tagging all new community members and welcoming them in that post, and encouraging them to comment below and share why they are in the group and where they are from!
  • Two-three people: They should lead by example, and be there to post images throughout the week that other women should post as well! They are there to show what it means to be an exceptional group member. With this, you can make every Tuesday a specialty try on post or something more specific to your type of content.

Most importantly, always have a purpose for your group. The more exclusive the more inclined people are to join. Remember that Facebook groups are a way for like minded people to come together, and see other faces in the community. There’s no algorithm to compete with which makes it the most unrestricted way to connect with your community.

Here are some exceptional Facebook groups that can give you a few ideas on how to get started.

The Plus Life Community

Properly Fitting Bra Club

Wardrobe Oxygen Community

Be sure to remember that this type of community only benefits your Instagram business so be sure to invest that time and effort it takes to create an impressive Facebook group.

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