The Influencer Industry, What it's Really Like


We want to be real with you. Breaking into the influencer business is not easy for brands or aspiring influencers. That’s why we want to give you the skinny on what they don’t tell you about running an influencer business.

Brands, Influencers need more lead time than a day.

Utilizing influencer marketing can kickstart a major sell-through for your business. However, when connecting and working with influencers, understand that their work takes time. One of our amazing clients just did some work with Disney for the debut of Mulan. Ruthie’s post is just one of thousands examples of what goes into creating content. Instagramming for business like this includes the influencer, photographers and in Ruthie’s case, a graphic designer. Think about all of the moving parts, influencers need time to plan

Ruthie Ridley's Mulan post with Disney

The Three Most Meaningful Metrics

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of numbers that is instagram analytics. We want to give you three metrics to look for when thinking about brand partnerships. Look for engagement, reach and clicks. Followers can be bought so engagement, reach and clicks are the most transparent metrics when gauging the actual influence of someone’s online business.

Content Comes at a Price

Remember that paying content creators is way cheaper than paying an entire production crew. The content created by influencers has more of a personal touch too. This is a win for any brand. To gain more insight and perspective on content and pricing be sure to check out Episode 17 of the Blogist Podcast.

Aspiring Influencers, What Running an Online Business is Really Like

The influencer lifestyle may look more effortless and fun than it actually is. If you want to become an influencer that starts from ground zero, expect it to take some time. A good rule of thumb is that if you want to make $150k per year right off the bat, then don’t become an influencer. That may sound a little harsh but building a strong sense of brand takes time. You’ll see why in the next section.

How Many Instagram Followers do I need to get paid?

The reality is that there are more meaningful metrics than just followers. Anyone can get ‘paid’ on instagram. However, if you want to turn your instagram into a successful business don’t buy your followers. There’s plenty of ways to build an authentic, yet successful business on instagram. You can schedule a chat with our Co-Founder Julian to learn more or you can read this recent blog post.

Secret to Success

There’s many ways influencers have navigated their way towards success. However, growing Instagram followers at a rapid rate comes down to organization and preparation. Social media content calendars are the secret sauce to transforming your business. You can read more on how to optimize your content and your business with the Blogist content calendar.

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