So You’ve Bought Followers, Now What?


You may think having more followers may be the key to success. Think again. Although swipe up links or certain features that unlock as you gain more followers are favorable, you don’t want your engagement rate to plummet.

Fake Followers

You Instagram follower count is one of the major metrics displayed on your account page. However, buying instagram followers is one of the things that we warn against. Your follower count becomes a superficial metric once your purchase followers. These followers turn in to ghost followers and although they increase your follower count, they harm your engagement. In the end you’re actually cheating your business because you are essentially buying fake customers. Brands look at meaningful analytics like engagement as we talk about in this blog post, so it’s actually better to be a micro influencer with low Instagram follower count, but high engagement. Also, if you work a brand and promise them that your content reaches a certain number of followers when it truly doesn’t they will most likely never work with you again. Now that we’ve convinced you to avoid buying fake followers we want to let you know how to fix the problem if you have.

The Fix

An influencer strategy that we recommend when it comes to cleaning out fake followers is to use an app to help clean up the mess.

  • An app like Cleaner for Instagram will help automatically remove ghost followers from your Instagram follower count. You can also do this manually, but if you have a large amount of fake followers then this app and a couple others can make the job easier. You should notice a difference in your engagement immediately after you offload these purchased followers.
  • Next, focus on genuine, authentic growth. You can start with this blog post to refocus on three ways to grow quickly on Instagram. We also have a great podcast episode that talks about what to do when your growth is stagnant so be sure to check that out too!

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Ultimately, buying followers is a bad investment. We’re here to catch you when you fall, so be sure to use our blog and podcast as a guide to build an authentic and engaged following that will keep your influencer analytics healthy.

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