Prime Day: Become the Go-To Amazon Resource


Set yourself up for Prime Day success with these few tips on how to be the go-to Amazon resource. Last week on the blog we discussed how to break into the affiliate programs that Amazon offers so now it’s time to capitalize on that.

Poll your Followers

Ask your followers how they want to receive your Prime Day content. This is not a one size fits all answer so be sure to understand what medium your audience prefers when it comes to how they prefer to digest your content. Based on their recommendations, build out the resources necessary. Keep in mind that for any organic Instagram growth you must engage with your audience in a way that keeps their preferences at the forefront of your content.

Prime your Website

Get your website primed and ready for the big day ahead. Prime Day is a quick 24 hours but if you’re smart you’ll create the deals before the deals landing page for your followers to shop. Along with that, your followers will be overwhelmed with all of the noise that Prime Day creates. Be sure that your website is the one stop shop for all of their Prime Day needs. Here are a few web page ideas that you can run with:

  1. Holiday Gift Giving
  2. Amazon Must Haves
  3. Prime Products Used Daily

Of course, use the data gathered from your audience to build these pages and remember to update regularly throughout the 48 hours by linking new finds.

Brand Awareness

Many brands will be running their own Prime Day deals as they know it’s a BIG shopping day and many people are buying. To capitalize on conversions for the day create a roundup of some specific brands running deals. Just like any other brand partnership, be sure to provide easy swipe ups and links for your followers to use. Again, this time can be great for Instagram growth. Overhauling your website to reflect it as a key resource for your audience is another way to ensure some authentic growth as Prime Day creates a perfect opportunity for an increase in traffic and impressions.

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