Optimizing Your Fall Content Strategy


Evergreen Fall Content

We’re going to let you in on a little influencer strategy secret… When you create seasonal content be sure some of the content you spend time creating and perfecting is evergreen content. This means that this type of content will stay fresh and relevant long past your post date. Here’s an example: If you’ve been scrolling through your feed and seen more hiking and camping trips than ever, take those key instagram insights and make a fall travel guide. With people stuck at home, think on how you can create a small road trip travel guide that your followers can safely follow. In this way, you’re providing value to your audience who will remember to come back to your post when they’re thinking of taking a road trip. Creating evergreen content like this is one of our biggest instagram tips. Your followers will find it useful and it can be something that you may update annually.

Affiliate Revenue

Part of optimizing your business through an evergreen content strategy is this idea that the more traffic a post gets, the better it is for SEO. To put this into action, use your account’s instagram insights to come up with your evergreen content focus. Really make sure it’s something your followers will engage in. If you focus more on fashion and styling, think about the key garments that you’re always wearing in the fall. If you style jeans a lot throughout these months then you can create a jean style guide. This is another example of evergreen content that will stay relevant through the winter months. Plus, like we discussed, if your followers keep referencing this guide, your traffic will skyrocket. Too learn more about affiliate marketing or how to grow using affiliate marketing, reference this blog post.


Fall is happening now. Although it’s still that time of the year where you’re sweating in your cute jeans and sweater after being fooled by the morning chill, colder days are coming. For the most part your content strategy should be set for fall. However, reassess where you’re at when it comes to creating content that will last. After all, influencer strategy is something that is always changing and adapting. Evergreen content will serve you long after the fall months so think on where you can add this into your content calendar if you haven’t done so. If you’re looking for more ways to make more money off of your content check out this recent blog post. It details how to get organized with our content calendar and how to land more brand partnerships.

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