Instagram State of the Union and Projections


Instagram has been rolling out a lot of new updates, and we are here to be your go-to resource for sharing our overall thoughts on them, and updates you should care about!  Here are some of their new updates, that will directly impact your business if you are an influencer or brand.

Updated Terms and Service. The new update to their terms of service says: If you post branded content, you must comply with our Branded Content Policies, which require you to use our branded content tool. To us, this means that Instagram has seen the explosive growth of influencer and affiliate marketing and now they want to be part of the pie. By updating their business to align more with sponsorships they are increasing their stake in the influencer industry.

Ecosystem of Product Tagging. Instagram’s update allows users to shop smaller, more indie brands that you can not find on other affiliate marketing programs. We fully anticipate Instagram will continue to build a comprehensive ecosystem that curates shopping experiences that are inclusive of all brands. In this way, they are training both influencers and brands to come to their platform as a place where they can tag any and every product they post.

Influencers are Curators of Brands. Instagram clearly recognizes that influencers drive brand awareness, and sales for brands and they want to support that in every way possible (as well as make money from these orders). We’ll be interested to see if Instagram rolls out a better commission option for influencers, as that would be a direct indication that Instagram is really trying to keep all shopping from influencer’s post(s) in the app.

If you have any further questions on the Instagram updates sign up with Blogist today to chat with one of our account managers to strategize what your content should look like in this new era.

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