Influencer Strategy That Will Actually Drive ROI For Your Brand


Blogist is a full business support for influencers and brands alike. We contribute to creating strategy for your company. With our experience, trained insights and our “Influencer First” approach, we provide a unique perspective that will drive results for your company. We take a data-driven approach for your brand, basing our campaign strategy and pricing off of data collected from our community of influencer clients and real campaign results. We measure which influencers bring the best results; ones with the greatest impact with regards to engagement rates, sales numbers, and website hits.

How does the process work?

When a brand approaches us, we first talk through a discovery process. Blogist will ask them about their goals, type of influencers and audience they are looking to target, ask about the call to action they are looking to take and how they will measure success. Then we ask about the budget and if they feel our services are a great fit, they will sign a contract with us. 

From there we will send over a list of selected Creators we think will be a great fit based on our discovery call. We handle all contract negotiations, campaign guidelines, content approvals, measurement and tracking – all with the campaign goals in mind. 

At the end of all campaigns, we send a comprehensive wrap up report with metrics, including conversions if we have access to that information from the brand or just click throughs to show how we were able to drive results. 

Why is this important?

Brands are struggling to put their finger on the value proposition. Influencer marketing used to be a great way to build awareness via an authentic first-person recommendation to a targeted audience, but now there’s a need for more. You want to see ROI in an industry that has historically been hard to prove. Brands are seeing influencers more and more as performance marketers who need to drive a certain amount of sales and less for the beautiful content they create. This is something we are still trying to balance, and we at Blogist try to have that well-rounded discussion with brands about performance AND content. 

What is working with Blogist like?

We worked on an always-on influencer campaign rooted with the end goal of sales with Jarred Raissen of Zelmin and here is what he had to say: “Working with Blogist fundamentally changed the way we think about influencers and content creators. As a young brand, we had approached the search, discovery and selection process in a very naive way, and the Blogist team not only helped us reframe our thinking, but helped develop a consistent methodology to assess the type of creators that best suit Zelmin’s needs.

The process began with an impressive competitive analysis, and then moved into a detailed persona-driven approach. One of the biggest takeaways for our team was gaining the insight that some influencers/content creators are sellers, and some are not. Beyond that, Blogist helped us understand that the type/fidelity of content that some creators produce is not always indicative of their “selling power”. This had definitely been a misguided judgment that we used in the past to try to identify potential influencers to work with, and Blogist helped us move beyond that.

The continual and gradual build that the Blogist team used gave us the right amount of time (and opportunity) to think and digest. One thing that they really honed in on was our desire to build a sense of team/community with our content creators - it became a great point of emphasis on how we want to structure conversations and relationships with influencers moving forward.

The brand partnerships team definitely has a mature understanding not only of the industry, but also of what motivates and inspires content creators of all kinds. Their ability to “think” like an influencer gives Blogist a unique perspective that any brand would benefit from. That, coupled with the promise of what Blogist’s digital platform will entail, make for a very exciting future for the agency AND the industry.”

Our vast work with influencer clients gives us insight other agencies do not have. Access to various pricing models and analytics help guide us in our brand partnerships. We know our influencers so well, not only will we know if they will be a good fit for your brand, but we also know what kind of results we can expect.  

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