Influencer Launch: Nuuly x Maxey Greene


Influencer marketing can be an incredibly powerful marketing channel for any brand, as we talk about in this post. The power of influencer marketing is the community of people that stand behind an influencer. When social media influencers like Maxey Greene, create trust with their followers and really build a community, their audience looks to them as a resource for what to buy, because they trust them.

Recently Maxey partnered with Nuuly to create a guest edit where she picked out 100 pieces she would wear. Nuuly is a clothing rental service owned by the URBN family (Anthropologie, Free People, UO). You can rent 6 pieces a month for $88 and they cater to straight sizes, plus, petite, and maternity. With that in mind, Maxey’s brand partnership was so authentic because she used the service organically for a year before her brand partnership with them.

When it comes to a brand partnership like this we love to see that the influencer used the brand prior to the sponsorship. Inspiration and trust are at the core of influencer marketing. To gain some more understanding about what went into the partnership we sat down with Maxey to ask her a few questions.

Why did you partner with Nuuly to build a guest edit?

MG: I partnered with them because at 30 weeks pregnant I’m having a harder time finding clothing that fits my quickly changing body. I’ve been renting from Nuuly for a long time, but it’s taken a new meaning for me. It’s great to size up in clothing because committing to a new size is challenging when I don’t know what size I’ll be in a few months. Plus, their maternity filter helps me find pieces that will work on my bump.

look1 1 4

One of the looks Maxey chose.

Why do you think guest edits and brand features are incredibly impactful v. just a sponsored post?

MG: I think ongoing partnerships are more meaningful because my audience will really get to know Nuuly through me. It takes hearing about something quite a few times to want to commit to it. The more I talk about it, and organically mention it- the better. And the edit is great because my audience already looks to me for my opinion- so, a full selection of things I chose helps them trust the brand more.

As you can see the idea behind this partnership originated from an authentic place and that’s what made it so successful. As you begin to think about your own content, consider brands that you use daily and consider how you would pitch them. To learn how to pitch a successful brand partnership look to this blog post.

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