Build Your Content Calendar to Make Money on Instagram


What if we told you that the biggest thing getting in the way of you continuing to make money on Instagram was whether or not you plan out your content? Creating a content calendar, and planning your content is one of the most important factors when it comes to landing any sort of brand deals on Instagram.

How to get paid deals on Instagram, comes down to a simple science. If you have a content calendar, and plan your content calendar out in advance you can do these two things:

  • Start pitching your stories to brands
  • Slot any inbound requests into existing brand stories to make your content feel more organic. The more organic your content feels, the better your engagement will be, and the greater the likelihood is that the brand will work with you again.

So how do you start planning your content, so that you can turn your Instagram account into a business, and start making money online (or even more money)?

To begin, find the best social media content calendar template. There are many social media content calendars on the market today. Our preferred option is the Blogist content calendar!

Some key features:

  • You’ll get daily reminders about what content you need to post on that day via email
  • It syncs to your Google Calendar
  • You can easily keep track of paid brand campaigns.

Now, how do you use your social media content calendar to land brand partnerships?

Poll your audience on Instagram, ask them what they want to see from you. From there, start to plot that content out in your calendar. The more you make content based on what your audience wants, the more likely they are to like, comment and engage with your content on Instagram. The better your engagement, the more money you can charge brands!

Planning content will also make sure you stay consistent with your content. As we talk about in this podcast episode, posting consistent content, will make your community even more connected to you. People want to follow influencers who are here to give them advice, and show up for them on a daily basis. Having a content calendar as a blogger or influencer to plan out content and stay consistent is very important for the long term growth of your business.

By finding the right, social media content calendar template, and using these strategies, you will set yourself up to be in a great place to make more money from brand deals. Ready to start planning your content to make more money on Instagram? Use the Blogist content calendar.

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