Influence Repeat Business from Brands


You work hard as an influencer securing brand partnerships and creating authentic content for your community. However, you may be overlooking the relationship you build with the brand. You need to influence the brand too. Especially if you want repeat business.

Here’s how to utilize your influence to secure more business for your own brand in the future.

First, we want to stress the importance of recap reports. Sending over some Instagram analytics is great, but let’s go a step further. When building out your recap reports be sure to include top comments and other metrics to let the brand know how well the post did. At Blogist we use a third party analytics tool to capture more data for you and the brands you work with. Brands love to hear that their partnerships paid off.

Show them, by giving them more than just the impressions or number of likes. The power of your business is the people who follow you and the messages you get. Be sure to show the brand how the partnership went by displaying the human feedback you got. Equipping the brand with more information such as comments and meaningful analytics will speak more to how you do business well. Be sure to make it look good too!

In the influencer world we love seeing authentic content and partnerships come to life.

Authenticity comes from the relationship you create with the brand. To build a positive relationship with brands is to set you up for future work and success. Influencer business growth can come from a handful of brands that you partner with, but the strength of those few relationships creates more opportunities for you! Utilizing recap reports and showing interest beyond your commitments are both ways to keep the relationship thriving.

Second, if your post doesn’t perform like you want it to, go above and beyond!

Although we wish all posts could thrive, the reality is that not all do. What’s more important is the action you take after a post doesn’t perform. This action is what the brands will remember about you. When a post falls flat, be sure to go out of your way to both communicate with the brand and take action. Repromoting the post shows a brand that you value working for them and took every measure to execute your commitment.

Here’s an example of someone repromoting their post.

Gavyn Taylor

Taking care of your relationships with the brands you work with will influence repeat business. We know it can be hard to keep up with all of the brands and work that you execute.

If you’re looking to get organized land more brand campaigns look to this article. We hope this post reminds you of why you are an influencer and how important these brand relationships are.


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