Instagram Reels: Everything You Need to Know


Instagram rolled out their latest feature, Instagram Reels and we’re here to break down the ins and outs of this new feature, and whether you should be using it if you are an Instagram Influencer or if you are using Instagram as a marketer.

To kick things off, what are Instagram Reels? According to Instagram, “Reels invites you to create fun videos to share with your friends or anyone on Instagram. Record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools.”

What we do know is that everytime Instagram launches a new feature, they are known to boost the reach of your post to as many people as possible. Why? Well, because they want to promote that feature!

So if you are a social media influencer and you are looking to increase your Instagram engagement, make your Instagram analytics look incredibly impressive and get more followers, we recommend at least giving the new feature a try!

Should I use Instagram Reels or TikTok?

This new feature is a clear indication that Instagram wants to compete with the viral app TikTok, that has been downloaded over 2 billion times worldwide.

In-app workflow of the new Instagram Reels feature

(Credit The Verge)

There is no denying that what TikTok has done, build a platform that focuses on viral videos (learn how to make a viral video), is astounding.

One of the biggest complaints across the board is that it is harder and harder for Instagram influencers to have their content seen organically by people. The selling point of TikTok is that the platform was built for content to go viral, which is why so many people have gravitated to the platform.

That said, due to the many privacy issues that have come up, many Instagram Influencers have been looking for fun ways to make engaging content for their community not on TikTok, so Reels may have just come at the right time!

So how do I use Instagram Reels?

There are two different things we will cover that will especially be helpful if you use Instagram as a business account. We will say that when Instagram launches a new feature, and people use it, it is known to help the growth of your account a LOT, it helps your account a TON. So be sure to at least try this new feature!

How to Create a Reel

To start, select “Reel” at the bottom of your Instagram camera. Film your Reel using one of the following features!

  • Effects: To make your Reel as engaging as possible you can use the effects in the gallery.
  • Audio: There are two kinds of audio that can be used for your Reels, music from Instagram or you have the option to make your own audio, which will be credited back to you. Much like Instagram Story filters, making your own audio that is used by many people, will give your Instagram account a significant amount of added reach.
  • Speed: You can speed up or slow down your video to make it as engaging and dynamic as possible.
  • Hashtags: From what we have read, using 1-3 hashtags is the best. Much like your Instagram post, using relevant hashtags, that also aren’t used by too many people, is the best!

We love this example from Instagram Influencer, Kelly Augustine. As you can see, her Instagram Reels have also been seen by over 21,000 people. It’s clear Instagram is going to push Reel content to the top of people’s feeds, which will help your Instagram account be seen by more people!

Kelly Augustine using the new Instagram Reels feature

Kelly Augustine’s Instagram Reels

Next up is sharing your Reels.

If you have a public account on Instagram, and you use the right hashtags, your Reel has the chance to be seen by a wider audience on Instagram. This is the best way to go viral and grow your Instagram account.

If you have a private account, only the people that follow you will be able to see your Reels content — that also goes for people who share your content. If someone shares your Reel and their followers don’t follow you, your content will not be seen by that person!

Instagram Reels has officially launched in the US and will be rolling out to 50 other countries in the near future. Do we think that this will totally change the game of Instagram? No. But we think it’s a fun new feature to try that will do nothing but increase your Instagram engagement and help you get more followers? Yes!

Have you tried Instagram Reels yet? Get out there and start creating (and follow us on Instagram while you’re at it)!

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