How to Support Small Businesses


Why you should shop small

With large companies such as Amazon and Walmart offering 24-hour delivery, it can be tempting to always go there first when making purchases. However, it’s important to support small businesses with your purchases for a number of reasons. Sure, they can’t get orders out as fast as Amazon, however, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to shopping small.

For starters, when you shop small, you’re supporting the local economy. When you purchase with a local business, you’re investing your dollars back into your own community. Additionally, many small businesses prioritize how their goods are made, putting an emphasis on sustainable materials. You’re not only supporting fair treatment of employees, but also better treatment of the environment.

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How to support a small business

Supporting small businesses over large companies who can afford to produce goods in mass quantities (and therefore lower the price), can sometimes feel overwhelming because it may seem expensive. However, there are many ways to support small businesses, such as:

  • Social Media

If you’re a content creator, you have a lot of power to drive sales for a small business. When you know what your audience is interested in, you can share small businesses that are aligned with their interests. Including small businesses in gift guides, tagging them in your stories and leaving online reviews go a long way.

  • Attend an event

Granted events may look different now, but attending an event, either in-person or virtually, is huge for a small business. Attendance does wonders for a small shop!

  • Buy a gift card

Gift cards are great gifts because you can pick how much money to put on them and it lets the receiver pick what they want.

Why small businesses should work with influencers

Just as the community has a part to play in supporting a small business, a small business can also work hand-in-hand with local influencers as a part of their strategy. Content creators are great for developing relationships with because:

  • Influencers have a committed group of followers who look to their recommendations for where to shop.
  • Influencers know their demographics so you can work with influencers who are specific to an area. This is great if you have a brick-and-mortar and want to drive foot traffic to your building.
  • People love to shop small and usually just need recommendations on where to go and take advice from their favorite influencers, especially when it comes to shopping small. Many times people are seeking out a specific recommendation for shopping small and want an opinion from someone they trust vs. looking for a random shop online.

When it comes to shopping small, everyone benefits greatly. If you’re looking to learn more about working with a small business, we’re here to help! You can sign up here with our foundation plan to get access to strategy calls and any other support you may need.

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