How to Set Up a "Shop" Section on Your Website


You may have noticed that on certain blogs there is a “Shop the Look” widget. This allows affiliate links to be readily available to readers. If you don’t have this feature we recommend adding it to your blog. It gives your audience a one stop shop to buying everything you share since you can’t shop an Instagram post. Here is a great example of what this feature looks like.

Set up your “Shop” for RewardStyle

  1. Login to RewardStyle
  2. Apps > Shop the Post
  3. Choose the products in your post and add them to your widget
  4. Choose widget image, width, currency
  5. Select WordPress and click on the gray copy button
  6. Navigate to your post and paste the code as HTML

If you’re still confused about adding this widget to your blog check out this YouTube video.

RewardStyle is not the only affiliate program so we encourage you to check out this blog post about the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon has shoppable features and it’s a great way to get comfortable with adding affiliate links to your blog. Again, here’s some more insight from a current client about affiliate marketing and in what ways it can help your blog grow.

Again, the goal is to create a shopping experience that begins with your brand. Bringing a “Shop the Look” feature to your website only increases your conversion rate and creates a resourceful user experience. Your audience will remember your brand experience and continue to be traffic on your website if you choose to provide shoppable links.

Still don’t know where to start? Sign up with our advisory plan to get access to an Account Manager’s help when it comes to integrating affiliate marketing on your website.

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