How To Promote Paid Brand Partnerships


The Value of Paid Partnerships

Influencer marketing is only getting bigger by the day. In 2020, the industry was worth 9.7 billion. Today, it’s worth almost 15 billion. 61% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers. These numbers don’t lie; this industry is not only here to stay, but it’s growing at a rapid rate. Instagram influencers offer a unique voice to the marketing and advertising space that consumers want to hear from. When your brand can identify influencers who not only value your business ethos and mission, but also have your ideal audience, you’ve struck gold. Partnering with influencers introduces your products to a new audience, helps your brand gain trust and gives you new content.

The Removal of the Swipe Up

It’s no secret Instagram is aware of how big this industry is and how vital their platform is for creators. Instagram is heavily investing in new features and one of their newest has caused a bit of a disruption for brands. Previously, whenever a creator would partner with a brand, they could include a swipe up in their stories for a brand to promote. Now that the swipe up feature has been replaced by a sticker, this has currently been disabled with no clarity if that will ever come back.

This means brands need to get more creative with how they’re using content and partnering with Instagram influencers.

How can a brand promote content from Instagram influencers?

There are several ways to promote content from creators as during a brand partnership. The simplest way is to partner with a creator on a sponsored post. Whether you’re looking for stories, video or photos, Instagram makes it easy to identify creators with their Brand Collabs Manager. Identifying an Instagram influencer who has your target audience is key for a brand during paid partnerships and this tool has specific methods to help you identify these creators.

Another way is to gain the usage rights. Whenever working with a creator, negotiating the usage rights will likely be part of the conversation. If you want to promote their content on your own channels and boost them, you will need to get the usage rights. For tips on pricing this and exclusivity, read our post here.

With the recent rise of short-form video, take advantage of it not being too saturated yet. Set a specific budget behind a creators’ reel on their feed, driving to your website or wherever you best see fit. The video will stay on their feed and all they’ll have to do is add the “paid partnership” label on their end so the brand can add spend behind it.

Lastly, if stories are in the scope, ask the creator to save the stories and send them to you. Run the stories as a dark ad, where you’ll set up a targeted ad on stories with a specific target audience. The ads will feed to the target audience in between their followers’ stories!

How do I know where to begin?

Check out our tips for pitching influencers before sending out your next pitch to ensure you know how to start the conversation before your next paid partnership!

To get more expert advice from our industry leaders, contact us for your partnership needs here.

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