How to Pitch Influencers: Do's & Don'ts


When it comes to pitching influencers, you want to approach the investment with intent.

For marketers, there is a science to making sure you can make your influencer campaign from beginning to end as turnkey as possible, and a lot of that starts with the pitch.

To make sure your influencer pitch strategy is as effective as possible in 2021, we sat down with our team of influencer experts to get their feedback on what makes a perfect pitch.

Let’s break down the do’s and don’ts of pitch emails.


  1. Understand that investment. It often takes a lot of time and money for influencers to create content.
  2. Consider the long-term. Brand partnerships always work best when they are long term. The influencer has time to train their audience and when you consider long term partnerships it helps define who you’re truly looking to work with.
  3. Come ready to negotiate rates. Be sure you understand industry standards for influencer’s rates, including that exclusivity and usage incur added fees. Read up on this blog post to get a sense of pricing for usage and exclusivity.
  4. Have a professional subject line. You don’t want to be sent to spam so make sure you keep your subject line clear and concise.
  5. Create a ‘next steps’ call to action. Make it easy for the influencer to respond by creating a next steps section in your pitch. Clearly outlining where to go from here will make the communication more streamlined and successful.


  1. Don’t ask an influencer for their rates and then offer something severely less than their rate. If you have a set budget, be transparent and let the influencer know.
  2. Don’t base rate solely on the influencer’s following. Reach, impressions, engagement, and conversion are more valuable stats. To understand why read this blog post about cost per impression (CPM).
  3. Don’t be generic. Personalize your pitch to increase the chance of making a more natural connection.

To recap: Ultimately you must do the research to successfully pitch an influencer. After doing the research, clear goals and personalization are going to be your friends when crafting your message.

If you want more perspective and insight on what influencers are looking for when it comes to pitch emails sign-up with our brands and agencies service to get in touch.

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