How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile


Getting discovered on the Instagram explore page can be a way for people to follow you and get an understanding of what your brand is about. Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, most people look through the bio to get a feel of who that person is. With that in mind it’s important to optimize that portion of your Instagram in order to gain more followers and have your brand voice heard.

Here’s how to optimize the bio portion of your Instagram:

With your username, tell people who you are. Your username should oftentimes be your first and last name but if you have a popular blog name stick with that!

In the bio in the bolded name section be sure to display your name and potentially your niche like lifestyle blogger, or business coach. This is the one way SEO works on Instagram. Essentially, if you search ‘lifestyle blogger’ on Instagram and that keyword is a part of the name section in your Instagram bio you have a greater probability of auto populating in that specific search than if you used just your first and last name in your bio.

What we recommend you add next is an “I help…” statement or a sentence that shows your personality. The intention is to bring people to your profile and have them stay for a purpose.

We highly recommend having some sort of link. Sometimes you need multiple links to send people to where they need to be. Link tree and be a good option but it does have a track record of breaking sometimes. We suggest you link to your website where you can link several items and manage the links yourself.

Highlights! Use highlight covers that are specific and relatable to your content. You can often find some great highlight covers on Pinterest. The highlight area is just another area to share your personality and relatable-ness in your bio.

Use these tips and our 2021 Instagram Growth Guide to take your Instagram success to the next level. If you would like to talk Instagram growth strategy and more be sure to sign up for our foundation offering to get access to a la carte strategy calls and any other support you would like to schedule.

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