How to Measure Engagement with Instagram Story Analytics


Instagram Stories are a great pathway for followers to actually hear your voice beyond your in feed posts. To make sure your Instagram stories are impactful you must understand how to measure their success.

As a popular channel to post brand partnership content, understanding Instagram Stories and how to measure their success only leads to you finding success in the influencer industry.

Here’s how to measure Instagram Story analytics and figure out what metrics to keep an eye out for.

To view your Instagram Story analytics head to your Instagram profile. Navigate to the “menu icon” in the right hand corner and click “insights”.

Scroll down to “stories” and select “see all” to view all stories posted in the past two weeks.

Within the “Interaction” menu you can select the actions and metric you want to measure.

To understand your overall engagement select “reach”. Reach is the amount of people that saw your story. To gauge your engagement rate compare your story’s reach to your total followers count. Here is the formula to capture your engagement.

Total reach / Total Followers x 100 = Engagement Rate 

If you want more clarity on that figure check out this post. Ideally you want a 4% or higher percentage when measuring your success with this metric.

You can also measure engagement off of total interactions. Remember that interactions include profile visits, replies, follows, shares, website visits, sticker taps and more. Here is another formula to calculate engagement rate.

Total interactions / total reach x 100 = Engagement Rate

There are many ways to calculate engagement rate. Stay consistent with what way you choose to capture this metric so you are able to understand what works. Ultimately we suggest polling your audience to see what they want to see more of. Most everyone’s community is fairly blunt about what they want to see so don’t hesitate to ask.

If you want to gain a greater understanding of how to understand the backend analytics of your Instagram stories be sure to sign up with our foundation plan to get more expert advice from industry leaders.

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