How to Make a TikTok Video in 2022


TikTok continues to perform and prove itself as a high growth platform for just about any creator. We’ve done our research and with Reels being a way to combat the algorithm changes you see on Instagram, it’s possibly time to shift all your short form video efforts over to TikTok.

How to edit on TikTok is rather easy with the text, music and voiceover features all being accessible on the playback page. Getting started with TikTok can be intuitive but it always helps to have a guide so let’s start with step one.

  1. Open the app and locate the plus button on the bottom navigation bar (refer to the photo above for each step). Be sure to have your account set up and identify yourself as a creator account. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Once you have your camera open you are ready to shoot. If you feel like uploading a previous video then select upload and move to step 6. Be sure to indicate if you intend to make a 15 second video or 60 second video at the bottom.

  1. Start shooting by simply tapping or holding the red record button.

  1. If you are satisfied with the content you may hit the red check in the lower right hand corner to access the playback page. There you can watch your video back and if you want to add more you can go back to the recording page.

  1. For instance, if you wanted to continue shooting and add a recorded effect to your video you can do so by selecting the effects button on the lower left side. There are many effects you can add so don’t get too overwhelmed with overproducing your content.

  1. Once you navigate to the playback page you can add more features to your video. Here we added text.

  1. You can also select the duration of your text by clicking on the text after adding it and selecting “Add Duration.” Usually creators like to add in a title in the first few seconds or other text throughout the video so this feature is awesome to add clarity to your content.

  1. To use a specific TikTok sound you can find the sound icon on the lower left hand portion of the playback page. If you would like to start out with a sound just search for one and select “Use this Sound.”

  1. Be sure to adjust the sound of each clip if you do not want the original audio peeking through.

  1. There is also a voiceover feature where you can record your voice over your recorded content. Again if you want to keep the original audio you can indicate but we recommend having one voice or cohesive sound throughout the video.

  1. Lastly, you can add a filter by swiping to the left to explore the various options, or you can click the filter icon in the upper right corner.

  1. Once you’re satisfied with how your video is playing back hit “Next” in the lower right hand corner.

  1. From there you are taken to the post screen where you can add your caption. TikTok allows for a 150 character caption which includes hashtags so make sure you’re precise. Be sure to set the other settings to match your preference and then you’re good to post!

Hashtags for TikTok can be a little tricky but if you are building your account from the ground up we recommend you use less common hashtags that still pertain to your content. The for you page hashtag has billions of videos linked to it so be sure to identify your niche when it comes to deciding on hashtags.

The idea of TikTok is to get on the for you page, go viral and have non-followers view your content and decide to follow.
We equate this to the explore page on Instagram. If you would like to build out a TikTok strategy or need more general information about getting started with TikTok our industry experts are here to help. Be sure to sign up with our foundation plan to get access to a la carte strategy calls and any other support you would like to schedule.

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