How to Gain a TikTok Following


When it comes to growing your TikTok following you want to take a similar approach to other social media platforms. Like Instagram, you want to define your brand and your strategy from the get go. We suggest looking to this post to learn the five ways to grow organically on social media.

Here are some more specific tips on how to gain a TikTok following. First focus on building a constant stream of followers. Virality is the name of the game on TikTok but going viral once doesn’t earn that many engaged followers. Instead focus on putting content out daily.

Your daily content should include trends, specifically sound trends. You can find these trends on the For You Page and easily recreate them with your own spin. It’s smart to use these sounds because they are baked into the TikTok algorithm since often times record labels are pushing certain artist’s work.

If posting daily seems a bit much for the content you’re looking to produce we suggest looking at your analytics once you’ve set up a creator account to figure out the best time to post. The analytics dashboard will tell you when your audience watches. Here’s how to set up your creator account.

Never delete a video. Unlike Instagram, the content on TikTok has a longer lifetime. Your video can fall flat for a couple weeks and then start trending randomly. Never delete a video because you never know what will get picked up by the For You Page.

Create an inviting profile. TikTok has a Q&A feature you can put up on your profile along with a bio option where you can detail what type of content people are going to see.

Use the trending hashtags. Even if it doesn’t pertain to your content, the trending hashtags are campaign hashtags and may increase the chances of your content popping up on the For You Page.

When producing make sure your content is well lit. Like Instagram, lighting is everything, so be aware of the lighting when your shoot content.

With that, we encourage you to check out this blog post on getting started with TikTok. It talks all about how to make a video from beginning to end. If you want to receive more updates and tips on the social media industry then subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of our homepage.

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