How to Find Success as an Influencer in 2021


Many content creators are finding success in 2021. With this, one of our #1 goals at Blogist is to share key learnings about what strategies are working for influencers, to help you with your 2021 business goals!

With this, we sat down with  two of our Blogist community members and chatted through everything from photography editing tips, to how they found their voice and eventually found success on Instagram as an influencer.

Here are our awesome community members, Shaylee and Ashley, letting you in on how they have found success as an influencer in 2021.

Focus on Finding Your Voice

As Shaylee Meurer, notable YouTuber and Instagram influencer says, ”Finding your voice is key for defining your brand and oftentimes your audience will only be able to resonate with what you’re saying if you truly stand behind it.”

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“After struggling with my body image after having my second baby & going through countless diet cycles and failing repeatedly, I started asking myself why I was doing it?  And who was I doing it for? I slowly started implementing self love and body positivity into my life. I changed what I was consuming on television and social media, I went to therapy, and I started loving myself for who I was right then - not who I wanted to be. Now, I just want to inspire women to find the same freedom I have! I share whatever is on my heart. I consider myself a “healer” personality, and if I can get you in your feels, I’ve done my job.  We are taught that emotions are uncomfortable, and I like to challenge them for myself and others. Anything that moves me deeply, I discuss. We have to feel to heal!”

Shaylee left us with three tips on how to find your voice on social media and beyond!

  1. BE YOURSELF.  Cliche answer, but I see so many people trying to be someone they’re not and that’ll do you a disservice in the long run.

2.  Do it because you enjoy it and it’s your PASSION - not for the money and “fame” because the money and the numbers are inconsistent.

  1. Build community!  I’ve gotten a lot of my followers from other accounts similar to mine shouting me out and from collaborations.  Plus, having people in your life who understand what your passion is and they share the same passion is a real gift! We are not each other’s competition, we are all on the same team!
  2. Take breaks when you need them and don’t wait until you get burnt out.

Focus On Building Community- Which Will Help Increase Your Engagement

Ashley discussed how to increase your engagement rate. Remember your engagement rate can be a huge determining factor when it comes to landing more brand partnerships so be sure to check out this post if you want more clarity on what your engagement rate means, and why it’s important.

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“For me it’s all relationship based. Year two when I started my business, I started devoting my days to being in my DM’s. I would talk to my community a lot and I built trust that way. I wanted someone to see me pop up in their feed and be excited to engage with me and of course my biggest hope is that my words might help someone else.

Now I’m starting year in 2021, and I still am in my DM’s daily because I not only enjoy it but it really cultivates these relationships that are needed to be successful. My biggest struggles with creating are when I feel disconnected from my community, and I’ve found that talking to my readers directly isn’t something I ever want to stop doing. Not only for cultivating a brand loyal audience, but it’s incredibly grounding for me.”

Ashley left us with six other tips on how to increase your engagement.

  1. Engage with others’ posts throughout the day
  2. Leave your IG stories on even if you’re just listening and not watching
  3. Around the time you post in feed, get back in those DM’s
  4. Always try to ask a question or give a person a REASON to respond in comments
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask your community for support on sponsored posts
  6. Give back to the community that supports you - after all, if not for them you wouldn’t have your brand. Do an engagement giveaway weekly or monthly, Ask everyone to like/engage on your posts and slide the slider in your stories — and use your marketing budget to pick a few winners for a gift card or something else of your choice.

Hearing from influencers who are living and breathing this career path is such a great way to guide your own journey. However, if you need support in navigating your own journey remember that Blogist is here to help. Be sure to sign up with our foundation plan to get access to a la carte strategy calls and any other support you would like to schedule.

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