How to Create an Eye-Catching Instagram Reel


Need to take your Instagram Reels to the next level? The tools available on the Instagram Reels dashboard are useful but using an app like InShot can elevate your Reels to your own brand voice with ease. Here’s how to create an eye-catching Instagram Reel.

Open up InShot and import your videos. In this post we talk about why InShot is a great editing tool. We suggest you favorite the videos that you want to use in your completed content to stay organized.

Once you have your work imported you will see a dashboard where you can cut, add, and edit your footage further.

If you’re making a video where you want to remove the sound go into the volume feature and turn down the volume to your desired preference. If you want to apply that to all of your videos hit the double check mark on the left.

You can then trim down your video. Remember than 15 seconds to 30 seconds is the sweet spot to capture your audience’s attention.

What’s great about InShot is that you can crop and straighten your video. Here we are sure to align the horizon in a way that is level. This may seem like a small fix, but it helps bring up the production value of the clip.

Another feature that we suggest adding specifically in between clips are transition features. When a clip jumps straight to another shot it can be a bit stark so adding in a transition feature can help string your clips together in a more cohesive way.

There is a music feature and text feature that you can use in InShot but we suggest you only use the Instagram Reels editing dashboard to add these edits. The reason being is that Instagram wants you to create Reels in order to get favored by the algorithm. Although you’re editing the video in another app the music and text added should be done in Instagram to signify to the Instagram algorithm that you created a favorable Reel.

InShot is a great way to stay on top of those Instagram Reel trends. To get a more in-depth Instagram Reel tutorial be sure to sign up with our Foundation plan to get access to our classrooms. These are actual screenshots from our classroom and there’s way more to explore when it comes to creating awesome short-form video content.

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