How To Create A Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign


The holidays are arriving faster than we want, so it’s time to implement your holiday marketing strategy. With 2022 holiday spending projected to hit over $1.3 trillion, how can your brand stand out amongst your competitors? Let us help you plan!

With years of experience working with brands on successful campaigns, we’ve mapped out everything you need to know to make your holiday campaign a success.

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling goes back to Marketing 101 - how can you make your brand more memorable and relatable to your audience? A crucial part of this industry is connecting with consumers on an emotional level. Consumers will never forget a good storyline because of how it made them feel and how they emotionally connected with the characters. We can’t always say that for a specific product.

The chances of a consumer remembering your brand with a powerful narrative are vital in the years to come. A perfect example of this is Nike. They have held firm with their ‘Just Do It’ slogan for YEARS, and almost everyone can relate to their messaging over the years. Their ability to tell a story and make the consumer feel like the main character is incredible. While they subtly include their products in their messaging and advertisements, the more significant focus is the main character…YOU.

Young man wearing a black t-shirt and black cropped workout pants using the battle ropes as part of his workout. Text overlay says "Our mission. Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete."e


What can you learn from this? In a world of millions of brands, how does your brand stand out amongst a sea of sell?

Setting Your Campaign Goals

Now that you have a strong storyline, it’s time to figure out the overall focus for your holiday campaign.

Once you define your focus, you can create the goals you would like to achieve. Goals should always be attainable and relevant. Sales are always the higher goal; however, simple principles can encourage long-term sales.

Some of your goals might look like this:

  • Get 5,000 new email leads by Black Friday to promote last-minute free shipping
  • Spend less than $3.00 on CPC (cost-per-click) using influencer marketing during the entire campaign
  • Raising and donating $10,000 from a portion of sales to charitable organizations by the end of the year

Benefits of Influencer Marketing and Multi-Platform Marketing

We could go on and on about the benefits of influencer marketing. But the main benefit will always be a personal connection. Creators have spent years building up the trust of their audience and have made an emotional connection with most of their followers, if not all. Viewers look to their favorite influencers for holiday gift ideas (and throughout the year!).

They value their opinion and feedback and will always seek that out before purchasing. There are several ways to utilize influencers in your holiday marketing campaigns.

Our industry has become so focused on Instagram over the past couple of years that we forget many fantastic platforms out there are reaching different audiences. Why put all your eggs into one Instagram basket when you can explore TikTok, YouTube, blogs, and podcasts? Diversifying your brand awareness across multiple platforms with a unique storyline for that specific platform can significantly increase the chances of being seen by new consumers.

Measuring Analytics and Reporting

When analyzing your success, remember that it will always be relative. Your success maps back to your original goals for this campaign and how much you invested.

Influencer marketing is never a one-and-done. Continuing a partnership with the influencers you hired after the holidays only creates strong relationships and brand affinity with their audience. Investing in the post-purchase experience is crucial to keep existing customers coming back.

Creating a holiday campaign is very similar to the marketing campaigns you create throughout the year. However, the holidays are about time spent with loved ones, and creating a unique storyline around emotion will make your brand stand out.

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