How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide That Your Audience Actually Wants


Why Gift Guides?

Gift guides are everywhere this time of year. With that, you might be thinking…are they really necessary? Or even, why does everyone seem to be doing them? There’s a simple reason for this: your audience is shopping now more than ever during this time of year and they trust your opinion. This is an opportunity to not only serve them by making their shopping easier, but also increase your sales revenue through affiliate links in the last quarter of the year. With everyone looking for gifts for friends, families, co-workers and even themselves, creating categorized gift guides is a great way to boost your sales this time of year.

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How to Create Gift Guides

If you’ve ever used a gift guide yourself, you know that how it looks plays a huge part. The collage adds a visually appealing element while also adding a little tease about what all is included in the guide.

To create the guides, Canva is an easy-to-use, free tool. Think of it as a Photoshop for beginners, with less freedom, but much easier to use and a lot of templates to start your designs from. Screenshot the gifts you want to include (you can always remove the background by putting them into powerpoint and clicking “remove background” or follow these instructions to remove them on Canva) and drag them into Canva. Then, have fun arranging them and adding any designs, text or elements you want.

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When picking your gifts and deciding what guides to create, it’s important to keep the demographics and interests of your audience in mind. For example, if the majority of your audience is in college, it won’t make sense to put together a gift guide with really luxurious gifts because they’re likely still shopping for gifts while on a smaller budget. However, several different guides categorized “Gifts Under $25,” “Gifts Under $50” and “Gifts Under $75” might do really well. And of course, you can always ask the kind of gifts they need help shopping for. When creating your guides, think about how you can do something that will make your guide unique and different from the others that are out there. Instead of creating another generic gift guide for parents, why not do a series of gift guides for parents who love the outdoors, gift guides for parents who love to host and gift guides for parents who love to travel? The more specific you are, the more likely you are to cater to your audience’s needs!

The last step is to thoroughly promote them on your social media channels and add them to your blogs as actual posts so that they’re searchable and have a longer life. Let your audience know that you’ve created these for them and that you’re available to help them find the gifts they’re looking for! If you have the items that you’re linking to in the guides, be sure to share why you love them and why they make great gifts, linking back to your gift guide.

If you need assistance coming up with a strategy for your gift guides, we’re here to help! You can sign up here with our foundation plan to get access to strategy calls and any other support you may need.

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