How Influencers Can Collaborate to Grow Their Following


One of the most authentic ways to grow your audience is by having people talk about you. Whether that’s fellow influencer friends or your following, you have the power to inspire others.

Since we are talking about your digital community we want to encourage you to reach out to bloggers and influencers like yourself to build an influencer community of your own. This is a great way to build a network of like minded individuals that are growing and learning together. One place to find a network like this is our facebook group. To capitalize on these connections here are three other ways to get after some growth marketing strategies

  1. Intentional Giveaways: Introduce other influencers on Instagram stories and then do an in-feed giveaway. For most audiences, they need to see something more than once to understand the idea. You must intentionally prime people to get them excited and send them to another person page. This way they will be more likely to follow the other persons page as well as yourself. Here is an example below of our client Ruthie Ridley taking part in a Prime Day giveaway.

  1. Try-On: Do a try on haul with different influencers who have different body types. One piece on several bodies is a great way to truly capture an audience’s trust in buying from you and it is an easy way to promote the call to action to follow the other influencer.
  2. Shout for Shout: This is the easiest way to test the waters of collaborating with another influencer. It’s low stakes and if you both of you sense a connection between your content it can be a great segue into these other two opportunities to collaborate. Best practices for this include shouting another content creator out in your feed and stories with a strong hook for your audience to follow them.

At the end of the day Instagram growth occurs in many ways. You can read about it here in this post. However, in this type of business you realize how reliant you become on your followers to give you information and engage with your content. Why not lean on other influencers to help grow your business. After all, some of the best of friends and business partners for that matter play out through strategies like these. An example of this is @piecesofemerald shouting out @ruthridley authentically on stories. Of course it’s always special to see influencers supporting influencers so be sure to tap into some of these influencer growth strategies.

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