How Brands and Influencers Calculate Engagement Rate


Instagram engagement rates are one of the key metrics that brand partners look at when they decide to work with influencers. Today we want to talk about how engagement rates are calculated. Below is the key formula that brands and influencers use to calculate engagement rates.

Engagement Rate Formula 

As you can see this formula would favor influencers with a smaller follower count because they are truly able to engage with their audience. Nano influencers and micro influencers are able to have a higher engagement rate because of this. Influencers can add this to their influencer strategy as this is a great metric to have when you are pitching brands. Here you can read and learn more about key metrics in this blog post about what Instagram analytics brands care about.

Engagement Rate Example 

Here is an example of calculating the engagement rate. A good engagement rate is from around 1 percent to 4 percent. As you can see in this example this influencer has a good engagement rate. Using this type of metric when you go into pitch brands will ensure that you are both on the same page when it comes to pitching. Here is another blog post about influencers should pitch brands.

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