Holiday Content Planning Overview


The holiday season can be a very strong time for your online business. People are buying and they are buying lots. However, your audience is getting several messages during this time so it’s important to be the first person they think of when it comes to finding a resource for everything with holiday.

Engage with your Community

From Thanksgiving through the New Year you are engaging with old friends and family, treat your audience the same way.

  • Be the all-in-one holiday destination resource
  • Stay current on sales and important shopping days. Hey Black Friday and Cyber Monday - we see you!
  • Provide more than just gift guides. Inspire holiday outfits as well.

These are all things that we see our wonderful client Caralyn Mirand doing. Head to this page on her website to see an example of how to create a one-stop-shop to everything holiday. Notice how she has a post for almost every holiday. This engages her audience in a way that lets them know that she is not just a resource for the winter holiday season, but beyond!

Brand Flirt

‘Brand flirt’ your way through the holiday season. Gifted products are always a great way to start brand partnerships from the ground up. Here are some key tips when you decide to take this route.

  • Keep it authentic to what you stand for. Don’t recommend a product to your audience if you don’t truly love it. If you enjoy the product add it to your gift guides.
  • If you start a relationship with a brand at the end of 2020, be sure to start pitching them more content ideas for 2021. Here’s a guide on to how to pitch brands.

Continue Long Term Activations

This is where the planning begins. Take a look at past holiday content to see what worked and what did not. . You may have some evergreen content from last year that you can tweak and use again this year. Read this blog post to learn more about evergreen content. Here are some other recommendations when it comes to long term activations.

  • Build the holiday plan now and shoot content as soon as possible. It’s hard to keep up with posting when the family comes to town
  • Allow yourself to get organized with a content calendar. You can sign up with Blogist to get access to one and start planning your content today
  • Bring brands you work with a lot into the conversation. Your audience will recognize brands that you have talked about before and typically buyers need more than a few messages to convert

Holiday is here and it’s time to prove to yourself that this time can be the most successful season of your business. With this, don’t stress yourself out by researching when the best day to post on Instagram is or if your followers will really enjoy a gift you recommend. Be yourself and remember that almost everyone will be at home this holiday season scrolling through Instagram anyway. Let us know what you’re planning for the holidays in our Instagram DMs. We can’t wait to see how your planning goes!

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