Effective Pitching Tips for Influencers in 2021


If you’re finding it hard to locate a brand contact to pitch a brand or even express initial interest we have you covered. As easy as it sounds, keep everything over social media. That means you should send an Instagram direct message to the brand showing your initial interest…

This may sound like a no brainer but many of our clients have found great success with this method. Here’s how to do it.

Send a short message like the one below to the brand. Detail what you’re reaching out for, this is typically an email contact. Most established brands have a social media presence that is heavily monitored so chances are that you are going to receive a response.

This strategy has been validated by our client Katie Crenshaw who sent the message above and got a great response (not included). There are also two reasons why this pitching method works: you are showing the brand you clearly care about them and you are able to get the right contact to email.

If you’re looking for more effective pitching tips reference this guide. If you feel like you need support with this then be sure to sign up with our advisory plan to strategize with one of our account managers.

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