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Thinking about how to grow and expand your online business if you are an influencer, content creator or entrepreneur? With Blogist’s Foundation Services we give you the tools to organize your content and identify who your core followers are so that you can create content that they resonate with.

With the Foundation Plan you will get access to a content calendar that will work as your greater content management system. Our content calendar integrates with Google Cal so you can stay consistent with all of your deliverables.

You also receive a full breakdown of your audience to allow you to help you understand the kinds of content that resonates best with your audience so you can increase your engagement drastically and in turn your audience.

The Foundation Plan includes exclusive weekly content and access to our classroom experience where we bring in leaders in the industry to talk about how you can best utilize tools like SEO and Pinterest.

Here’s had to add some other services a la cart to your Foundation Plan if you need some extra support. Extra help includes:

  • Strategy Calls
  • Influencer Pitch Support
  • Social Media Audit
  • Media Kit
  • Content and Copy

Strategy calls allow you to talk out your business with an expert. Talking through scenarios like how to point your online business in the right direction or discussing new Instagram strategies are all great reasons to schedule a call. Other reasons include best practices for landing more brand partnerships and building out storylines for brand partnerships.

Pitch support is where we help you write a pitch that you would feel confident sending to a brand. As experts, we know what kinds of pitches get a greater response rate. Pitching can be hard to tackle yourself so we’re here to help!

A social media audit can help you to show up best on Instagram, and other social media platforms. As outsiders looking in we know what is going on in the social media world and we’re here to tell you what’s working and what’s not for your online business. We recommend adding this on when you first sign up with our foundation plan to get a fresh opinion on your account.

Media kits are a great document to send when pitching brands. They give the brand more information on you and your personal brand. With many years in this industry, we know what brands are looking for and how to make our customers come across as the wonderful, professional influencers, bloggers, and content creators you are!

We help with content and copy if you are an influencer. Sometimes you run out of things to say and that’s okay. We can help you post with intention and purpose. For example, if you have a brand partnership on the line and you want to WOW them with inspiring content and copy we are here to help you brainstorm.

Here is the pricing for the services and if you plan to add you can go to your Blogist account and on the left-hand panel click on ‘Services’ and click ‘Request Services’ or ‘Your Services’ and you will be able to purchase your add-ons!

  • Strategy Calls with a Social Media Strategist that can help give you the tools to grow your brand. Cost: $100 per call
  • Pitch templates if your goal is to pitch brand partners to engage in an activation. Cost: $30 per pitch
  • A social media audit and business plan. Cost: $400
  • Media Kit. Cost: $150
  • Any sort of copy or content feedback you may need. Cost: $30

We’re always here to help and if you have any questions be sure to email or click this link to get started with the Foundation Plan.

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