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One of our core goals at Blogist is to find white spaces in the influencer marketing industry and create solutions that best fix these needs. With this in mind, over the past three years we’ve noticed just how essential it is that brands and agencies are able to find influencers that align with their goals in an easy and effective way. In addition, it’s crucial to find influencers that actually drive the results brands want to see (whether that be brand awareness, sales or another KPI)– and we’ve seen that this data driven approach is not always put first.

With this need comes opportunity, which is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Casting Agency here at Blogist!

The launch of the Blogist Agency has been a long awaited milestone in our business model. We are excited to be able to offer a full service agency for brands who are looking to connect with like-minded influencers.

It was essential that Blogist was able to bring on an industry vet to our team to make sure we could provide the best casting solution for brands. Haley Denisoff, our Head of Agency says that “Blogist is leading the way in talent driven business practices in the influencer marketing industry, while also focusing on brand-centric strategy and data focused results.”

So what can you expect from the launch of our agency? Well according to Denisoff, “For brands, we will be able to offer a full service experience using our expertise in the industry to cast the best talent and execute campaigns seamlessly. We can provide our brand partners with proprietary data and demographics to build successful, KPI driven programs.” And for our talent she says, “we will be able to bring new brand partners influencers may not have had the opportunity to work with before and manage the nitty gritty of the project so they can focus on what they do best: content creation.”

We created this agency to service our brand partners with ease by making talent accessible and attainable. For our talent and content creators, we are opening the door to endless opportunities by hosting a comprehensive roster for brands to scan for new talent. Having already kicked off campaigns with partners like Abide App, and Zelmins Minty Mouth, our agency partners can expect a seamless end to end experience, with targeted campaign outcomes.

Interested in learning more about how our casting agency works if you are a brand? Just enter your email here. We’ll set up a phone call to learn more about your goals, and make sure that we can build a turn key campaign for your business.

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