Black History Month Spotlight: Melinda Watts


Today we continue the Black History Month Spotlight series as a celebration of the many black creators that are breaking glass ceilings and have made this industry what it is.

With that, we are excited to introduce you to Melinda Watts, an extremely talented singer, a worship co-pastor, and supermom of four. Melinda broke into the influencer space with positivity and faith at the forefront of her personal brand. As an extremely gifted singer, Melinda uses her voice at church and beyond on social media to uplift and inspire others.

Not just that, as a powerhouse entrepreneur, Melinda has been able to build a highly engaged community online, that has led her to be able to partner with brands such as Red Baron Pizza, Safeway, Babyganics, Green Chef, and more.

Melinda is an extremely gifted singer (you must check out this video of her singing Rise Up, you will be MOVED), inspiring influencer and mother, all while making enough time to bring faith into all aspects of her life. As a female worshiper Melinda is challenging the status quo on what it means to be a leader in church. She carries her faith-led messages through her platform with quotes and meaningful partnerships.

With that in mind, Melinda recently did a partnership with the Christian Meditation app Abide. Her partnership with them was the perfect example of aligning your purpose with a meaningful partner, and as a result the level of engagement on this post was about 5x industry standard . We talked about this in our blog post with Meg Boggs about why purpose is the secret to success. Melinda has created a space where her purpose directly aligns with and serves her audience.

As Blogist’s Co-Founder Julian says about Melinda, “She is the embodiment of what it means to be someone who finds opportunity to build a platform around a specific mission, and use her platform to support and help her community. May we all find ways to take what Melinda does, and adapt it into one’s content strategy.”

Like our first feature, Gavyn Talyor, Melinda follows the same philosophy, to challenge the status quo and stay true to your passion. As an inspiration to her community and beyond Melinda stands to break down barriers through compassion and understanding. With her heart leading to much of her success we can all take note on how to add more compassion into our own lives.

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