Black History Month Spotlight: Gavyn Taylor


February marks the celebration of Black History Month. At Blogist we are dedicated to using this month, and (every month) to use our platform to shed light on the incredible black creators in our industry who have paved the way, and continue to pave the way, to make change for entrepreneurs, content creators and influencers around the world.

With this, we are incredibly excited to introduce you to someone who is continuing to pave the way for women in both the fashion and gaming industries, Gavyn Taylor.

Gavyn is a mover and shaker in the plus size fashion industry (an industry built by black women). She is a fashion guru who exists in the lifestyle influencer space specializing in make-up, self care, and YouTube (you must check out her makeup Mondays, they are EVERYTHING). She’s continued to grow her following through her authenticity that she brings to all social media platforms.

While you can see the notoriety she’s built in the fashion space after having worked with partners like Almay, Lane Bryant and Kohls (to name a few), what Gavyn may serve to all of us is an example of someone who uses her platform to create a space for her community to discuss things like mental health, self love and just being the best version of yourself.

With this, one of the coolest endeavors that Gavyn has recently embarked on is, taking her incredible ability to produce video content, and marry it with her love of gaming. You can now find Gavyn live streaming on the leading gaming platform, Twitch! 

As her Manager at Blogist, Angela Hauk, shared with us following the launch of her new streaming channel, Her gaming community continues to grow and she’s found that by following your curiosities a whole world of possibilities can unfold. Gavyn reminded me that even a little inkling of passion can lead to exponential things.

With about 35% of all Twitch streamers being female, Gavyn is breaking glass ceilings by proving that aligning with your passions, and focusing on what you love, is what matters most when it comes to building a business. With passion, and creativity comes community, and the community that Gavyn has been able to build on Twitch is truly amazing.

More importantly, the representation of black female streamers on Twitch has been made stronger by Gavyn and her passion.

Ultimately what Gavyn should teach all of us is to seek out your passion and go for it– challenge norms, and break into new industries. Because if you aren’t going to do it, then who else will? The inspiration that Gavyn provides to her community through her passions, and resulting work, marks her as a trailblazer in the influencer industry. As she continues to grow in the gaming community we hope to see more representation where it matters.

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