Black History Month Spotlight: Chardline Chanel-Faiteau


We are celebrating the final week of February and our Black History Month Spotlight series with our newest feature, Charline Chanel-Faiteau! Charline is a city planner in Boston who is breaking glass ceilings by creating a platform where women can meet other working professionals like them and talk about self love, finances, and much more.

Chardline is well experienced when it comes to working to bring awareness to the underrepresentation of plus-size women in mainstream media. Not only that, with interests in government, politics and her job in city planning, Chardline stakes her spot as a leader in diversification and inclusion beyond fashion.

Chardline has worked with brands like Dove, Pantene, Bacardi, Reebok and more. In her most recent sponsored post with Reebok, Chardline opens up about her fitness and health journey, while promoting a body positive space. By creating such a trusting and open space Chardline has created the space for brands to take note that plus-size influencers are changing the game when it comes to speaking authentically to every consumer.

We were so honored to have a conversation with Chardline a while back for the Blogist Podcast to talk about growing her business, and what brands need to do to show up and focus on their commitment to diversity. We highly recommend you check it out!

In her own journey, Chardline has found that fashion communicates long before speech. You can find some major fashion inspiration by scrolling through her Instagram. With this, Chardline openly discusses her journey to personal style and how her heart skips a beat when her followers share their own journey with self-love, fashion, fitness and more.

Chardline has realized the strength of her own voice and presence ultimately teaches us to show up for what matters. As a purpose-driven creator, Chardline proudly displays her journey, and encourages more women of size to begin journeys of their own and most importantly, stay the course.

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